About Us

At CBR Homes, we know that the quality of the build is just as important as the quality of the relationships with our customers. This is why we always ensure we take additional measures to leave you satisfied with your choice of builder.

We take great pride in providing you with the type of work that you would expect for your loved ones and family. Every project that we develop, no matter whether it is big or small, will employ the following fundamental values:

Safety is and should be paramount to any successful operation. How can someone guarantee your safety if they don’t themselves? By taking the necessary legal and ethical steps towards the safety of our workmen, our site and your possessions, we can build the foundations of a quality job that won’t leave you with problems down the track.

Quality is something that goes without saying, or at least should. Often things can be done safely, but not necessarily properly, and this is what differs a quality job from a dodgy job. From the very beginning, we make sure we source only the finest quality materials and supplies from leading suppliers across the country. Our highly skilled team then apply the latest methods to create amazing custom designs.

Before anything else can even begin to happen, we need to have your seal of approval…your trust. When you first meet with us, it’s important for you to not only be comfortable with our quality and type of work, but also us as people. This is where we will get the chance to really get to know each other and build a strong relationship that will last for the duration of your project, if not longer.

Want to view our portfolio? Click here to see some of our best work yet, or you can find us on Instagram. We are also available any time during business hours for a phone call or an email if you are still after something more.