Knockdown Rebuild

At CBR Homes, we understand that your house is where you have built your life, and with life comes growth and change. Instead of worrying about the hassle of completely packing up and moving you life away from everything you know, why not just start over in the same place. Our knockdown/rebuild services let you do just that!

Here are some reasons you should rebuild instead of renovating:

Increased Size
With renovations, they are merely cosmetic improvements and rarely affect the layout or functionality of the household. It also doesn’t allow for any alterations to the overall size and space of the house. This can limit creative design when renovating. With a knockdown & rebuild, you can rebuild a bigger home, one that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Location & House
With a complete rebuild, you already know the area, the street and the location….plus now you’ll get a new house! Not only does this save you the hassle of relocating your home and starting fresh somewhere new, but it means you are more relaxed during the building process as well. It’s a win-win!

Save Money
Renovating or moving house may seem like a cheaper option to start with, but once you start compiling all the costs down the track, you may end up finding that it worked out to be more expensive. Of course there are many different variables that can affect this, but often costs other than just materials are forgotten such as permits, council fees, design fees and inspection costs. And if you’re moving you’ll have to consider stamp duty, refinance costs, agent fees, legal fees, conveyance costs and building & pest inspections.

Building Your Investment
When you rebuild, not only are you designing the new home of your dreams, but you are increasing the value of it significantly. So now by just living in your dream home, you are increasing its value. This allows for increased capital growth and the potential expansion of your property portfolio, should you wish to. Rebuilds are also generally a much smoother process and transition…as sometimes you can find yourself almost living with your builder during renovations!

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